United Chocolate Works makes chocolate in the shape of antique tools


While strolling through the Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza, I came across chocolate made in the shape of antique tools from United Chocolate Works.

United Chocolate Works is a company based in New York City that brings handmade chocolate from Italy to the States. The chocolates I saw on display came in shapes such as lipstick, sheep, locks, keys, wrenches, hammers, and miscellaneous tools. The combination that wowed me was the nut and bolt. You can actually screw them together. They’re functioning and edible chocolates! They almost look too good to eat.

You can select the pieces and they’ll package them together, making them excellent gifts for the holidays. You can find them online or at Holiday markets in Chicago and New York City.

Bryant Park October 28th 2017 — January 2nd 2018
Union Square November 16th – December 24th
World Trade Center Nov 24th – Jan 7th

In Chicago:
Daley Plaza November 17th – December 24th
Naper Settlement December 18th – 24th


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