Bread Machine Recipe: Almond Flour Bread with Fennel

Bread machines are pretty neat. They make the process of bread making very simple and easy. It’s minimal preparation, little attention required, and very easy clean up. I do enjoy baking with the oven, but when time is limited, bread machines are wonderful alternative. Here’s a recipe for a bread made with almond flour. There’s no yeast in the bread, so it’s more of a dense bread rather than a fluffy, rising bread. I added some fennel seeds for flavor, but other seeds and nuts would make a nice addition as well. Enjoy!

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National Coffee Day 2014: How to Get Free Coffee

National Coffee Day 2014

National Coffee Day will soon be upon us! This Monday, Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day. What’s great about this holiday is that you’re bound to come across an opportunity for a free cup. has compiled a list of where to get yourself that cup of joe. Unless noted, all deals are for Monday, [...]

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Irving Farm Coffee Crown Maple Medicine Man Recipe


Monday, September 29th is National Coffee Day! New York Hudson Valley’s Crown Maple and Irving Farm Coffee Roasters teamed up to create a clever coffee specialty drink for this special coffee lover’s day. It’s the Crown Maple Medicine Man. Riffing on a classic cocktail of the same name, this version uses Irving Farm’s Los Lorios [...]

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Video: Eat like a true Chicagoan

LouMalnati TasteofChicago Chow down Chicago

When you think of Chicago food culture, there’s three essential foods that come to mind – the Chicago style hot dog, the deep dish pizza, and the Italian beef sandwich. Chicago’s Lou Malnati’s and put together a series of videos featuring these three iconic foods. Accompanied by whimsical captions and tunes, the videos illustrate [...]

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PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Deals on Groupon


Ever crave peanut butter but is worried about all the calories and fat? It can be real tempting to take a spoonful right out of the jar. Well, there’s a powdered peanut butter alternative. Bell Plantation makes a product called PB2. It’s made from slow-roasted peanuts, but contains 85% fewer fat calories than traditional peanut [...]

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