Brooklyn: End of Summer Lobster Bake at King’s County Saloon – Sept 14th

KingsCountySaloonLobsterKings County Saloon is hosting the classic end of summer celebration on September 14th with a lobster bake feast! It’s a family style feast filled with full lobsters, corn on the cob, greens, potatoes, and dessert. There’s also an option for unlimited draft beer, domestic beer, and well drinks. The feast is from 4pm to 8pm. Tickets are $30 for the lobster bake and $50 for the lobster bake with drinks and are available here. Kings County Saloon is located at 1 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Video: How to Make Groot Cupcakes

Attention Guardians of the Galaxy fans! This video from features JK Denim from Koalipops with a simple and entertaining tutorial on how to make Groot cupcakes. This is a part of their Become a Baking Rockstar weekly video series. The printable Groot cookie stencils are available here. The shortbread cookie recipe can be found [...]

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Deep fried Twinx at the Great New York State Fair

Street fairs and carnivals are infamous for their deep fried oreos and snickers bar, fried dough, and along with other fried and sugar-coated, indulgent treats. And now there’s the “Twinx,” which was a popular item at the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York, this past weekend. The Twinx was created by James [...]

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How to Keep Leafy Herbs Fresh

Fresh herbs adds such a wonderful flavor and aroma to dishes. Often times, you’d buy a whole bundle, use a few, and store the rest for later. If not properly stored, the herbs wither away and wasted. I came across a handy article on Yahoo! Food with tips on how to store the fresh herbs [...]

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Peanut Butter & Jelly On Coconut Bread + Giveaway [ENDED]


The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an iconic sandwich that’s enjoyed by people of all ages. There’s the classic peanut butter and jelly or jam spread between two slices of bread. Common choices include grape jelly or strawberry jam. Enjoy it as is, toasted, grilled, or even deep fried. Then there’s the many variations [...]

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