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Shake Shack for Vegetarians: ‘Shroom Veggie Burger


shake shack shcoom burger

Yes, Shake Shack has a vegetarian option and it’s one of my favorite veggie burgers in the city. Heavy on cheese (Muenster and cheddar), the decadent “Shroom Burger” is comprised of a fried portobello mushroom with lettuce, tomato and topped with ShackSauce.

The West Coast has In-N-Out, and in New York City, we have our own cult-favorite burger joint in Shake Shack. Surprisingly, In-N-Out still doesn’t have a specific vegetarian option on the menu, so I’m glad that our very own local burger chain does.

These snapshots are from my recent visit to the Madison Square Park location (E 23rd St & Madison Ave). There are six locations in New York City and others in Connecticut, Florida, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and the Middle East.

The ‘Shroom burger accompanied by Uncle Donny’s Chocolate Bourbon Pie custard.

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  1. Mac

    March 1, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    Vegetarians that eat at in n out know about the grilled cheese and veggie burgers. And the vegans also know how to order veggie burgers with no spread and the special cheese. Right?

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