Lollapalooza 2012: River Valley Kitchens Serves Up Delicious Tamales


In addition to Chow Town North and South, fresh food can also be found over at the Farmer’s Market. Somewhere between the deep fried cheese on a stick and the cream puffs of doom, there were large signs screaming out “TAMALES! TAMALES! TAMALES!” To accompany the signs, there was also a very enthusiastic woman standing on a chair right outside the booth, drawing attention to the 2 for $5 offering. “We’re shrooming!” she’d say.

River Valley Kitchens are organic mushroom growers from Wisconsin that also offer seasonal produce, quality sauces and dips, and locally produced foods. For Lollapalooza, they cooked up portabella tamales and veggie burgers and also had granola on the menu.

We ordered two roasted Portabella tamales. Gluten-free and vegan. They were so delicious and satisfying, and the mushroom topping was very flavorful.

My next thought was that I would love to have these tamales stocked up in my freezer for those busy (or lazy) evenings when you want a tasty, healthy meal but just don’t quite have the time. River Valley Kitchen can be found at various farmer’s markets in the Chicago area.

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