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I was first introduced to Wow Bao and their Hot Asian Buns a couple years back and found them to be awesome. They’ve got a tasty selection of savory and sweet steamed buns. So when I found out they were going to be at Lollapalooza this year, I was super thrilled to get my hands on these buns!

At Lollapalooza, they offered their BBQ Pork Bao, Teriyaki Chicken Bao, Spicy Mongolian Beef Bao, and their vegetarian option, the Whole Wheat Vegetable Bao.

I ordered the Whole Wheat Vegetable Bao. They came in pairs, packaged in a brown paper takeout box.

Looks so good! Luckily, they were still nice and warm.

Their baos are delicious! Although it’s definitely pricier than the typical baos found in Asian bakeries, I do have to say one thing. They have a really good dough to filling ratio in their buns, and their ingredients are a delightful. The veggie bao had a nice blend of vegetables in its filling.

Their restaurants are also very neat too. You can order in person, or if you’re feeling a bit less social, you can place your order at a self service kiosk through a touch screen menu. You can also pre-order online or through their iPhone app, and pick it up at the location later.

Their full menu includes a selection of savory baos like BBQ Pork, Thai Curry Chicken, Spicy Mongolian Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken and Whole Wheat Edamame, as well as breakfast baos like Bacon, Egg and Cheese, Spicy Sichuan Sausage, and Egg, Spinach and Mushroom. On the sweet side, they have dessert baos like Coconut Custard and Chocolate. They also serve potstickers, dumplings, soups, salad, rice bowls, and homemade fresh ginger ale.

They’re also quite active in the world of social media, sharing promos and deals on Facebook and Twitter, and rewarding loyal fans on Foursquare with specials too.

Not in Chicago? Wow Bao can ship their baos or pot stickers anywhere in the continental US.

I’m going to stop by one of their locations before I head back to NY. The plan is to pick up a couple baos to enjoy on the flight. Yay!

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