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Roast pork buns (char siu baos) have been an all time favorite food item ever since childhood. I would have it for breakfast or grab one as midday snack. They are available fresh at Chinese bakeries and also in frozen packages in the supermarkets. They are also served at dim sum. These pork buns are filled with “char siu” or roast pork. There are available baked or steamed. The baked ones are brown and the steamed ones are white.

On a side note: Asian Dumplings has a good recipe for both the steamed and the baked roast pork buns. Can’t wait to try that out some time.

While I was in Chicago, my brother told me about Wow Bao, a local chain restaurant in Chicago specializing in Asian steamed buns. We met up for lunch and ordered a six pack of buns. They have a few self service kiosk where you could enter your order by clicking on pictures, if you pay by credit card. After placing your order, you step aside and wait for them to call your number when your order is ready.

The packaging was awesome. They placed the six pack of buns in a cute paper box.

Our six buns included: two spicy mongolian beef buns, two whole wheat edamame buns, and two bbq pork buns.

They have a nice selection of baos: teriyaki chicken, spicy kung pao chicken, spicy mongolian beef, thai curry chicken, whole wheat edamame, and of course bbq pork. There’s also sweet dessert baos filled with cocount custard or apple cinnamon. In addition to their baos, they serve potstickers, salads, soups, and rice bowls.

I noticed their selection of beverages: ice teas and homemade ginger ale. I ordered a cup of hibiscus iced tea.

The six pack of buns were $7.99. It’s a bit pricier than the baos you’d be able to get at Chinese bakeries, but they have a nice selection of bao fillings that are a bit less traditional. Nonetheless, the baos were tasty. They also offer combos where you pick two baos or 5 potstickers and a salad or noodle dish.

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