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The wooden spoon is an essential and versatile item in the kitchen. Before there were any mixers of any kind, there was the wooden spoon. They were often used to stir and combine different kinds of foods, such as soups and stews. They are also very hand for mixing while baking. They can be found in many sizes, made with various kinds of wooden materials and different finishing.

Depending on the dish, the wooden spoon is often preferred over their counterparts like a metal spoon or a silicone spoon. For example, wooden spoons don’t transfer heat as much as metal spoons, so it’s more easy to use when cooking up a hot pot of stew or risotto. If you’re stirring a lot, you also won’t have to worry about scratching the pot or saucepan. Wooden spoons to absorb flavors from the food, which could be good or potentially really odd. If you’re using the same wooden spoon to cook your tomato sauce, you’d probably get even more flavorful results over time. But if you’re using your tomato sauce spoon to whip up cream for cupcakes, you might get a surprise of tomato. Some cooks also like to season their wooden spoons with oils which help enhance the flavors in their dishes.


If you don’t already have one (or even if you do), Tuttorosso is currently giving away 3,000 wooden spoons over the next couple weeks to celebrate the heritage of wooden spoons in so many classic tomato-based recipes. From now until Nov 12th, simply go to their Facebook page, like their page, and provide your contact information so that they can send you a spoon. In addition, you will be entered into their sweepstakes and get a chance to win their grand prize of one Tuttorosso personalized heirloom wooden spoon and a 6-piece signature cookware by La Creuset.

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