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Sometimes, I like putting together large batches of homemade wontons and dumplings. Portion them into small bags and throw them in the freezer. It’s great for those busy days. Simply defrost, boil or stream them, and serve with your dipping sauce of choice. I like to eat it with spicy dumpling sauces, citrus soy sauce, or simply light soy sauce. They are also great in soup. I would throw a couple of pieces in my bowl of noodles to fancy it up.

The dumpling filling can pretty much be anything you like. I used a meat mixture consisted of grounded pork and shrimp, seasoned slightly with pepper. Usually I pick up the wonton/dumpling wrappers from the Asian grocery stores. There are quite a lot of varieties to choose from. There are egg ones, wheat ones, round ones, squared ones, regional ones, etc. For these dumplings, I bought some Nasoya wonton wrappers from the local supermarket. It was my first time using this brand. The wrappers are a bit thicker compared to the ones I’ve used in the past. Wonton wrappers generally are thicker and chewier compared to other wrapper skins. They worked well and tasted great. On a side note, it would be interesting to find out which brands/types of wrappers are best for steamed, boiled, and pan-fried dumplings. Any recommendations?

There’s many ways of folding wontons and dumplings, I only know these two ways. I try not to overfill the dumplings too much. And I usually seal the dumplings with egg white. My dumpling wrapping abilities have improved over the years. No more wrappers tearing. No more dumplings exploding while being cooked. Woo-hoo!

I made so many of them. I used up all the meat mixture and had a few wrappers remaining. I wonder how long this batch would last. Mm… by the way I ate, probably not too long.

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