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My partner and I was in Maryland visiting the other weekend. Before driving back to NYC, I insisted that we stop by a seafood restaurant and eat some fresh crab cakes and/or soft shelled crabs. After all, it’s crab season and we’re in Maryland. We won’t easily find a better deal for such quality seafood in the city.

At first, we thought about heading to Philip’s Seafood. Sure it’s a chain, but it was getting late and we didn’t have much time to do a thorough search of local seafood restaurants. Plus, we’ve had good experiences there in the past. The only other seafood restaurant I remember going to was one by the name of Timbuktu Restaurant and Lounge. A friend brought me there a couple fews ago for lunch and I recall the gigantic crab cakes and delicious soft shelled crab sandwich. Once we mentioned Timbutku, our Maryland friends quickly exclaimed with joy and insisted that we stop there on our way home.

Hi Timbuktu Restaurant! We meet again, but this time it’s for dinner!
Before even reading the menu, we had a pretty good idea of what we were going to order. He was going to get something with crab cakes and I was going to order something with soft shelled crab. He choose the Steak & Cake Combination Platter and I picked the Soft Crab Sandwich. While we waited for our food to be prepared, the waitress brought out some bread rolls.

The Steak & Cake Combination Platter featured a New York strip and their signature Timbuktu crab cake for $23.99. It served with a house salad and a side of vegetables.

The steak was extra thick, broiled to a perfectly juicy state. The crab cake was broiled as well. You can choose between fried or broiled, but broiled was the recommendation. The crab cake was seasoned very well. It had huge chunks of crab meat and not many other ingredients. That’s definitely something you don’t see often in a crab cake sandwich elsewhere – large jumbo lumps of crab meat. So good! Let the photos show for themselves.

The Soft Crab Sandwich was fantastic as well. It had an entire soft shelled crab sitting on one slice of toast and some lettuce and sliced tomatoes on the other slice. A soft crab sandwich for just $11.99, score! The soft crab was seasoned and sauteed to a crispy brown. Full of flavor, very crispy, but not too greasy. It came with a side of coleslaw, too. I rarely ever eat a soft crab sandwich, closed like a sandwich. I like eating the whole crab by itself. That way, I can enjoy the texture and flavors better.

The service was great and the staff was very attentive. The waitress was super friendly, shared recommendations, and made sure we were enjoying our dinner. What a great way to conclude an awesome weekend in Maryland!

Lastly, I noticed they have  dinner specials during the week too.

  • Monday is Twin Whole Steamed Lobsters Night for $19.99,
  • Tuesday is BBQ Night for $14.99,
  • Wednesday is Steak Night for $15.99, and
  • Thursday is Fish Night for $14.99.

Oh man, I’d love to come on a Monday for lobster night!! Maybe next time.

I am curious about other good seafood/crab restaurants in Maryland though. But, Timbuktu is definitely a good reliable spot for crab cakes, seafood and such. Tasty seafood with great prices, as long as you can drive there.

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