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This past Labor Day weekend, I went on a three day bus tour with my mom and her friends. The destination was Maine. I’ve never been to Maine before this, but when I think of Maine… the word “Lobster” comes to mind. Despite the long hours on the road, I was looking forward to eating fresh Maine lobster… an entire one, with the lobster bib and all.

First day consisted of a 6+ hour drive from New York City to Maine. On our way there, we made a stop at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT and York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo in York Beach, ME. We stayed at a hotel in Auburn, ME.

From there, we spent next day exploring Acadia National Park and the Bar Harbor district. Bar Harbor district is filled with bars, microbreweries, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and gift shops. There’s a number of beautiful and historic looking motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and guesthouses. There’s a number of outdoor activities and boat tours in the area too. We came here for food… in particular to take advantage of Lunch/Early Bird specials at the restaurants by the harbor.

We made our way to the West Street Cafe located at 76 West Street on the corner of West Street and Rodick.

They offer a number of Early Bird Specials – lobster, salmon, crab cakes, clams, fish and chips. But, the most outstanding specials would be their Early bird Lobster Special which includes a fresh Maine lobster, coleslaw and french fries for $16.95 and their Early bird Downeast Special which includes a fresh Maine lobster, a cup of Clam Chowder, french fries, and a slice of Blueberry Pie for $22.95.

Those are awesome deals! We didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves with too much food, so we just ordered the Lobster Special even though we heard great things about the clam chowder and blueberry pie. Their blueberry pie is known to be spectacular – buttery and flaky crust, fresh blueberries, very flavorful but not too sweet. It claims to be Bar Harbor’s BEST wild blueberry pie.

The lobster was so much fun to eat. It’s a 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 lb fresh Maine lobster filled with delectable lobster meat. It was so succulent and simply wonderful. I ordered a Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale to accompany my lobster meal. It’s a light fruit ale made with wild Maine blueberries, brewed locally by the Atlantic Brewing Company.

On our last day in Maine, we went to look at lighthouses and went on a scenic cruise in the Portland and Casco Bay region. Right before hitting on the road, we grabbed lunch in the Old Port district in Portland. The district is filled with cobblestone streets and 19th century brick buildings. There’s boutiques and gift shops all around. There’s a great handful of restaurants and bars serving lots of fresh lobsters, fish, chowder, and more.

I was in the mood for a yummy lobster roll. We found ourselves at Andy’s Old Port Pub located on Commercial St. The restaurant was not very noticeable, but they had a big sign on the sidewalk featuring their daily food specials. When I saw a lobster roll special for $10.99 on that sign, I knew we found our lunch spot. We were also short of time and since they were pretty empty at that hour, we were able to get a quick lunch.

We ordered the Shrimp and Corn Chowder and the Lobster Roll. The shrimp and corn chowder features light Cajun spices and tender Maine shrimp, served along with two pieces of coconut shrimp. The shrimp and corn chowder was very delicious. The Cajun spices gave it a wonderful kick. The fried coconut shrimp was sweet and accompanied the chowder perfectly. The lobster roll was awesome as well. The lobster roll features huge chunks of fresh lobster meat tossed with mayo on a leaf of lettuce, placed in a grilled roll. It also comes with a choice of coleslaw or fries on the side. I went for the coleslaw. The coleslaw was mediocre but the lobster roll was great. I was amazed by the amount of lobster meat. It was very satisfying indeed. It was a perfect treat before hitting the road.

The trip was nice. I got to do a lot of sightseeing. The best part of all, I would have to say, was all that fresh, delicious Maine lobster and those awesome lobster deals! I knew that Maine was famous for their lobsters, but never knew that blueberries was their big thing too – from blueberry pies to blueberry jams and spreads to blueberry ales and wines. Come to think of it, I should have ordered a slice of blueberry pie, but all that lobster meat was just too satisfying.

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