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Wafels and Dinges is a NYC food truck serving up tasty Belgian wafels and dinges (toppings). They offer both savory and sweet wafels, and a variety of dinges to choose from! You can go simple with one free topping, add $1 for a second one, or for an extra $2, go for unlimited toppings, or as they call it, build a “Wafel of Massive Deliciousness.”

We spotted the truck one night at 7th Ave and Christopher Street in Manhattan. Although it was later in the night, many people were lining up to get their hands on this Belgian treat. We couldn’t resist either.

We ordered their brussels wafel with a simple powdered sugar and whipped cream topping. Wafels are made hot and fresh when ordered. Although we didn’t go crazy on the dinges, the wafel was delicious and satisfying. I would love to try their famous Spekuloos spread, next time.

Whether you prefer the brussels wafel or the liege wafel, the aroma of freshly baked wafels is just wonderful. They can be enjoyed in many forms, anytime of the day, even as a late night snack.

Find Wafels and Dinges at one of their locations, like them on Facebook, or follow the waffletruck on Twitter.

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