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What do Meatless Mondays, soybean croquettes, and maple syrup have in common? All of these items can trace part of their heritage to World War I.

American Food Roots launches a video series this Veteran’s Day profiling the food of World War I and its impact on American culture.

The first video in the five-part series, “A World War I Meal From Soup to Nuts,” introduces the idea that America began fighting the war from its kitchens long before its soldiers reached Europe. Following that, the “First Course” video profiles the rise of peanut butter as a meat substitute, driven in part by Southern farmers who were transitioning from cotton, and a high-falutin’ ingredient, mayonnaise. In the remaining three videos, soybeans are fashioned into croquettes and braised tongue tells an early nose-to-tail story. Dessert is all maple syrup, which bolsters barley flour and buckwheat in a cake that will please today’s health-conscious bakers.

The American Food Roots series will become part of “War Fare,” a digital exhibit hosted by the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Mo.

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