National Coffee Day Is Sept. 29

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September 29 is National Coffee Day! Yes, it’s another one of those un-official food holidays, but it’s always fun to celebrate foods and beverages… especially when there’s freebies and deals!

grabbed some coffee from 7-Eleven! on TwitpicShare photos on twitter with TwitpicIt's kind of neat how my coffee filter fits so perfectly... on Twitpic

7-Eleven announced that participating locations will be offering a FREE medium coffee on Thursday between 7am and 11am your local time… more

Krispy Kreme will be giving away a FREE 12 oz cup of House Blend Coffee in the US and Canada locations… more

Not sure if there’s anything going on from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. They’ve joined in on this marketing gimmick opportunity in the past, but I haven’t come across anything this year.

On the topic of coffee, I used to prepare my coffee with a French press, but I recently entered a drip coffee phase. I brew my coffee using one of these Vietnamese coffee filters. Awesome for making Vietnamese style coffee (with this or this), but also very nice and convenient for making a single cup of coffee. It also fits perfectly over my Klean Kanteen!

Any way, I’m going to start the day tomorrow just like any other day with a nice fresh cup of coffee! Whether you like to drip brew or press your coffee, grind your own coffee beans, or even use instant, grab a cup and join in on the fun!

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