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Slurpees are one of my favorite frozen drinks ever since I was a little kid. It’s so refreshing and those brain freezes you get when you drink it too fast… wow, who can forget those.

On 7-11 Day, 7-Eleven stores gives out complimentary 7.11oz Slurpees!!!
(Too bad they don’t have one here where I am right now… closest one is like 30+ miles away.)

It’s not often that I encounter a 7-Eleven store. I know they do exist in New York City, but I just never really come across them.

Recently, while in visiting Pittsburgh, PA, I saw one and I just couldn’t resist but to pick up a 12 oz. Slurpee. I like the Coca Cola flavor best. I guess it’s because it doesn’t leave color stains on my teeth or my tongue afterwards.

So, what I’ve heard is that since the Simpsons movie will be coming out later this month (on July 27… which I’m also very excited about), a selected number of 7-Elevens have been turned into Kwik-E-Marts. Inside these Kwik-E-Marts, you would find food items from the cartoon, like squishees, buzz cola, krusty-o’s, and sorts.

Wow, that’s totally awesome. I know one thing I’ll be doing this weekend!

Locate your local Kwik-E-Mart here.

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