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Recapitulation of eating adventures in Boston…

While I was in Boston last week, I stopped by Chinatown for lunch one day. There were a lot of choices for Vietnamese food and I was in the mood for a simple tasty banh mi. I wanted to pick up a quick sandwich to go, before my lunch break was over.

I decided to hop inside 163 Vietnamese Sandwich located on 66 Harrison Ave. They seem quite popular during lunch hours. There was a short line, but the service was quick – place your order, pay, step aside, and wait while your sandwich is assembled.

They offer a variety of Vietnamese sandwiches/subs – Vietnamese cold cut, shredded pork, BBQ beef, curry chicken, and xiu mai. They also have vegetarian sandwiches – vegetarian tofu, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian ham, and vegetarian duck. Each banhmi is on a baguette accompanied with mayo, shredded cucumbers, picked carrots and daikons, and cilantro. The price for each banhmi ranges from $2.75 to $3.00. Definitely a very cheap eat!

Browsing through their menu, this small eatery also serves spring rolls, rice dishes and vermicelli dishes from $3.00 to $4.50. They have a nice selection of coffee, tea, juices, bubble tea, fruit shakes ranging from $1.25 to $3.00.

I noticed that many of the diners ordered the BBQ beef or the shredded pork sandwich. I was curious about their vegetarian options and ordered the vegetarian chicken banhmi. The bread was crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the inside. The sandwich had like four or five small slices of mock chicken, but along with the pickled vegetables and cilantro, it was enough to make the sandwich tasty. It was a good size sandwich and very filling. It is not the best banhmi I have ever had, but for $3.00 it was totally awesome.

This small sandwich shop is a cash only establishment. There are a couple of tables and chairs, but it is not really a good place for dining in, definitely more of a pick and go place.

The 163 Vietnamese Sandwich shop is a great place for cheap lunch. At the same time, there are so many other Vietnamese sub options nearby. I will have to go to check out the other sandwich places as well.

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