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We were walking down 2nd Ave in Manhattan looking for a good place for an early dinner. We found ourselves at Thailand Cafe at 95 2nd Avenue between 5th and 6th Street.

It was the large poster on the door that caught our eyes:
“Happy Hour 4-7pm
$15 all you can drink, Chang beer and cocktails
50% off special menu”

We decided to head in for some Thai food. The restaurant had a very modern looking interior. It had a lounge atmosphere. It was a weekday late afternoon/early evening and it was not crowded at all. There were a few others in the restaurant eating light dishes and relaxing with their laptop. Apparently there’s free wifi in the restaurant.

I was very interested in trying something from the 50% off menu. The special menu had a very limited selection, a couple of appetizers and a couple of main dishes. I kind of expected that. The regular menu had a much better selection and the prices were moderate. Appetizers range from $4 to $6. Most main entrees range from $9 to $14.

Here’s what we ate:

We ordered calamari for an appetizer.

I ordered a noodle dish off the 50% off food special menu.
Duck noodles with pieces of duck meat and flat rice noodles in a broth

My buddy ordered a curry dish off the regular menu.
Duck red curry coconut red curry with bamboo and basil, bell peppers

Served with a side of white rice

The food was alright and the service was good. The calamari was tasty. My duck noodle dish was mostly noodle with two small pieces of duck. The duck red curry was pretty good. The dishes on the regular menu are much better. The 50% off menu was cheap and tasted decent, but not as satisfying as Thai food should be. We didn’t order any beverages or take advantage of the drink specials. The drink specials do sound very appealing though. This restaurant would be a good place for appetizers and discount beer and cocktails after a work day. I probably wouldn’t return here for an actual dinner. There’s other places in the city for delicious authentic Thai food. I’d maybe come for drinks and appetizers at most or maybe for lunch if I was in the area. I also noticed they have lunch specials from 12:00 to 3:30pm. Their lunch menu looks good offering $6-$8 entrees.

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