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Teaposy offers a line of gourmet teas, teapots, and glassware. Their teas are handcrafted with cotton threads to give a blooming effect. I forgot where I came across this product and what store it was, but I found it to be pretty neat and decided to pick some up for amusement. I purchased a box of the Lady Fairy tea, which is a combination of silver needle tea, jasmine, and lily. I decided to pass on the teapots and glassware. The box of 6 tea blossoms balls was pricey enough. I figured I could probably dig up some clear Bodum glassware at home.

I came across some neat videos on youtube displaying this blooming effect from the tea balls. Teaposy – Blooming Teas

They looked very impressive and exciting. I was hoping that my tea blossom would create the same striking effect. Even though it did not end up looking as extravagant as I expected, it was still pretty neat. Each snapshot was taken about 30 seconds or so apart. Come to think of it, it would have been neat to take a video or a larger number of still shots and turn it into a slide show or video.

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