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So while I was in Chicago, I went to check out the Taste of Chicago at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. It’s an annual event, pretty much this huge food festival where lots of local restaurants sell their specialty dishes!! In fact, I believe it’s the world’s LARGEST food festival. This year it was held from June 29 to July 8. Along with the food vendors, they also offer live music and performances.

How is works is you first purchase these food tickets. Then you wander through the park, exchanging the tickets for whatever food or drinks you can afford. And so, for $21 we got 33 tickets to roam around with. The place was packed!

So, here I share with you my journey through the Taste of Chicago.

Now, even though there’s 33 tickets in hand, we knew that we probably won’t be able to buy too much food with it. We definitely won’t be able to try something from many vendors. Therefore, We had to choose wisely.

First stop, SEAFOOD + BBQ!

OOOO Crab legs! They were really delicious at first. However, I think they dunked it in way too much butter. After a while, it felt like drinking melting butter. eh.

Hamburger! It’s actually half a hamburger, but this picture was made to be deceiving. This food vendor offered half a hamburger, as a sample. That way you don’t get full and you can try other stuff.

I thought this was amazing. I was skeptical to try at first, but after watching some people nearby eat it. I was ready to spend my tickets on this Pineapple Seafood salad!! It’s half a pineapple, filled with chunks of pineapple, and a crab salad! Yummy! It was sooo good.

After that meal, I believe there was only about 12 tickets left. I’ve only visited one stall, and more than half my tickets were gone. And so, we decided to take a stroll around the park.

Any Married with Children fans? I grew up watching it. I love it! Makes me laugh every time. Kind of inappropriate material they discuss on the show sometimes, but then, it’s a lot of fun to watch a totally dysfunctional family go about their adventures. This tv show takes place in Chicago.

Here I present to you the beautiful water foundation as seen on Married with Children:

We were there on July 4th and there was a free John Mayer concert. But the sun was too strong, and there was too much heat… there was no way we’d survive on the grass with the millions of people. There were tons of people already camping out on the grass, and the concert wasn’t scheduled to start for another hour or so.

So, instead of melting away in the sun light, we decided to go seek some dessert. Hoping we can find something good with our remaining 12 tickets or so.
mm… Something cold. Something sweet. Something yummy.

Strawberry cheesecake! One of my favorite desserts! (-6 tickets)

This was a very interesting one. This treat on a stick was what was called the chocolate dipper (-6 tickets).
At first, I was expecting some kind of chocolate coated ice cream stick. But, to my surprise, once I took a large bite into it, I realized it was actually something else in there. Pretty much, it was a cheesecake on a stick covered with chocolate. Very cool indeed.

In conclusion, we spent all our tickets! We enjoyed sweating like animals while walking through the park. It was a great experience. There were so many people, both tourists and also local Chicago people. The place was packed with so many different varieties of food. Too bad we couldn’t try everything. (But then again, it’s good we didn’t try everything, otherwise we’d still be in our food coma)

So, mark your calenders for next year’s Taste of Chicago, whenever that may be. (Somewhere at the end of June) I definitely recommend going there and checking it out (if you don’t mind the hot and crowded scene). Make sure to bring water and sun glasses. It gets really hot and sticky, from the sun light and the people heat. Expect it to be really crowded and therefore you may have to push your way through to the counter to order your food at the vendor stall.

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