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Taste of 7th Street food festival ran for two days from Sat Feb 27th to Sun Feb 28th. Scoop St offered a discount voucher for $18 to sample signature menu items of five restaurants on 7th Street. It would normally cost $35, so it was quite a sweet deal.

Scoop St presents special deals from various local businesses in NYC. Each deal runs for 24 hours or more and if you’re interested, you order it, spread the word, and get excited. The deal is activated when they reach a minimum number of orders, and you’re only charged after that happens.

When I saw the words “49% Off Signatures at “Taste of 7th St.” on Feb 27-28″, I was pretty much sold. They emailed the voucher the day after the deal ended.

Here’s the five restaurants and their signature items I sampled:

First stop: Caracas Arepa Bar

They are all about tasty Venezuelan food. They have a To Go area and also a dining area. Huge crowd outside. The line got quite long outside. It was super packed inside. We waited a while, but the food did not disappoint.

Here we sampled the Arepa De Pabellon – a corn-based soft pocket sandwich filled with shredded beef, black beans, white salty cheese, and sweet plantains. It’s like a Latin sloppy Joe sandwich in a pita pocket. A little messy to eat, but so very delicious!!

Next stop: Luke’s Lobster

Right in between Caracas Arepa To Go and Caracas Arepa Bar was Luke’s Lobster.

Here, we grabbed a Snack Sized Lobster Roll – yummy lobster meat on top of grilled buns with a little mayo and a pinch of celery salt. Sure, they are tiny and can be devoured in 1-2 bites, but they were great. The lobster meat was delicious. It’s so simple, but so amazing.

Across the street and down the block was: Porchetta

Here we picked up a mini porchetta sandwich – a tiny roast pork sandwich.

It’s very simple, just pork and bread. The restaurant is very tiny, there’s like a few seats, a counter, and a display of a roast pork. The sandwich was alright and didn’t taste very special to me. It tasted like pork in a small baked bun. I’m not sure whether it’s because it was too mini to tell or because they were made ahead of time. There was literally no wait here. They were prepared and handed out the sandwiches as guests presented their vouchers.

Next, we walked across the street to: Butter Lane Cupcakes for… yeah, that’s right… cupcakes.

I look a couple of pictures while waiting on line. It’s a very cute looking cupcake shop.

Love this!!!

Here, we got to choose two cupcakes from their chalkboard of cupcakes and frostings. I picked…

Maple Pecan frosting on a Vanilla Cupcake (on left) and Grapefruit Ginger frosting on a Banana Cupcake (on right). It got a little messy taking the cupcakes out of the paper bag.

The grapefruit ginger frosting was sweet and very tasty. I really liked the banana cupcake.

The last stop was: Xoom to pick up my choice of a 24oz fruit smoothie.

Their smoothies have such fun names like Smashing Strawberries, Floo Fighter, Gimme Grapefruit, The Overhang, Apple Pie in the Sky, and Grove is in the Guava. All their smoothies have half a pound of fruit, non-fat frozen yogurt, and high fructose corn syrup. They list that their typical 24 oz smoothie is between 280-320 calories.

I picked up the Yo la Mango – guava juice, mango, banana, frozen yogurt. It was very tasty, but cold smoothies in the cold weather… starts to become a bad idea after a few minutes.

And that concludes the Taste of 7th Street for me. Right after we grabbed our smoothie, we made our way to Chinatown for the NYC Food Crawl Pork Bun Crawl.

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