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The Taste of 7th Street food festival organized by Scoop St returned last week for their second time around. The food festival ran from Wed April 20th – Fri April 22nd, 2011. For $18, you get to taste delicious foods from five eateries in the East Village including Luke’s Lobster, Wechsler’s Currywurst, Dumpling Man, Butter Lane Cupcakes and Cowgirl’s Baking.

We decided to spread the adventures over the course of two days. Here is my commentary.

Day 1: First stop was Luke’s Lobster! I’m always up for a yummy lobster roll. I tried their lobster roll at the last Taste of 7th Street and I remembered it being small, but very buttery and delicious with chunks of tasty lobster meat.

Small Lobster Rolls… still buttery and delicious, and so fresh!

Next stop, sausages! Right around the corner was Wechsler’s Currywurst (120 1st Ave). I’ve walked by many times in the past, but this was my first time venturing inside. It’s a small space with just a few tables and a couple of seats along the wall, but the place is laid back. There’s a nice variety of German beers to choice from and a wonderful aroma of grilled sausages. Each voucher gives you a choice of currywurst + beverage or bratwurst w/ a side + beverage. Benefit of going with a partner – get to order one of each!

Sliced pork/veal sausage with home-made tomato curry sauce

Neumberger bratwurst in a roll with small side of potato salad
links of pork sausage seasoned with caraway, marjoram, and garlic

The currywurst was delicious. The large chunks of sliced sausage tasted great topped with their sweet and yummy tomato curry sauce! The bratwurst was tasty as well. The thin links of sausages were flavorful served with mustard, and a side of potato salad.

We concluded day one with vegan treats from Cowgirl’s Baking, a little further north at 259 East 10th St. They had ran out of chocolate rainbow donuts by the time we got there, so they gave us cupcakes instead. Since I’m lactose-intolerant, I only eat dairy-free or vegan cupcakes now. So, I was really happy to hear that there was a vegan bakery in the lineup. I don’t eat cupcakes often, so these cupcakes were definitely a treat. One of the cupcakes was a bit fluffier than the other, but they were both enjoyable. Expensive though, they are about $3 each normally. Interestingly, my partner pointed out that the cupcake texture was different compared to regular cupcakes, and that he can kind of tell that it was vegan.

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles

Day 2: The next evening, we continued our adventures with dumplings from the Dumpling Man and cupcakes from Butter Lane.

I’ve never been to the Dumpling Man, over at 100 Saint Marks Place. I usually go to Chinatown or Flushing for my dumpling cravings – for their cheap prices and nice varieties. So, this was a good chance to try out Dumpling Man, because otherwise there’s a low probability I’d venture over here for dumplings. Their dumpling logo is adorable and their menu is cute as well!! This place is quite small with limited seating, and can get quite crowded. Fun thing, you get to watch them assemble the dumplings in front of you while you eat.

4 seared pork dumplings (left) and 4 seared veggie dumpling (right)

The dumplings were pretty good. We both found that the veggie dumplings were tastier than the pork ones. The veggie dumplings are assembled with a spinach flour wrapper filled with a mixture of soft tofu, smoked firm tofu, wheat protein, shiitake mushroom, bok choy, and sesame oil. The pork dumplings contained pork and chives seasoned with ginger and scallion juice inside a white flour wrapper. The dumplings are a bit pricier than the Chinatown counterparts, but reasonable for the area. They have a few other savory dumplings and also serve sweet dumplings filled with banana or pumpkin pie.

Last stop… Butter Lane Cupcakes (123 E 7th St) I stopped by this cupcake shop last year as well. I remember their cupcakes being very enjoyable… sweet, moist, and tasty. You can customize your cupcakes too – pick your cake base followed by one of their many frosting flavors.  However this time, I was only able to enjoy them with my eyes. (I couldn’t enjoy it because of my lactose-intolerance but luckily, vegan cupcakes were on the agenda yesterday!) Anyway, I happily picked up some cupcakes and brought it back to share with my friends (and they loved it!). Each voucher gives us two tasty cupcakes from their signature lineup, so we picked up a box of four.

Vanilla cupcake with Chocolate frosting, Chocolate cupcake with Vanilla frosting, Chocolate cupcake with Espresso frosting, Vanilla cupcake with Strawberry frosting

And that concludes the Taste of 7th Street!

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