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Here’s a nice spot for lunch. Tank Sushi is located at 4514 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago. They have half price selected Maki’s during weekday lunch hours. Our party of four decided to meet there for sushi and drinks.

They had discounted bottles of sake that day too (Half price bottles of sake on Tuesdays). We each ordered a bottle of sake: (from left to right) Hakushika Junmai Ginjo, Poochi-Poochi sparkling sake, Sayuri Nigori Sake, and Ozeki Hana-awaka sparkling flower sake. I’m a fan of the sparkling sake. I ordered the Poochi-Poochi. It tasted like lightly carbonated sake. It was easy to drink, alcohol content not too high and great with the sushi. I tried the Hana-awaka sparkling sake and it was delicious. It was very sweet and fruity.

From the list of half price Maki’s, we ordered:
Crazy eel – avocado, cream cheese, sesame seeds topped with eel, sweet soy sauce, crushed peanuts
Spicy tuna – chopped tuna, masago mayo, chili sauce, sesame seeds
Futo – rock crab, tamago, kampyo, spinach, cucumber, sesame seeds
Ebi tempura – tempura shrimp, masago mayo, sweet soy sauce, sesame seeds
Dragon – tempura shrimp, eel, avocado, masago mayo sweet soy sauce, sesame seeds
Negihama – yellow tail, scallions, sesame seeds

They had a small dining area on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. We sat out there while we ate sushi and sipped sake. The maki rolls were awesome. It was a nice afternoon of good company and delicious food.

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