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Home noodles

Noodles and Co., Chicago, IL

There was one last place I had to dine at before leaving Chicago. My brother told me about this fast food noodle restaurant, Noodles and Co. The theme of the restaurant is all things noodle or pasta from various regions. The food is not mind blowing but it’s pretty good, especially for a fast food...

Destination New York City: Sweet-N-Tart

Sweet-N-Tart is located at 136-11 38th Avenue, Flushing, NY. They also have a location at 20 Mott Street in the Manhattan Chinatown area. This trendy looking restaurant take traditional Asian dishes and give it a modern twist. Normally, it is the place I go to for delicious congee and various fun appetizers. I noticed that...

Pho Night!

Pho is an awesome Vietnamese noodle soup, most commonly served with thinly sliced beef. For more information, you can check out one of my old posts from the time I dined at Tank Noodles in Chicago. Vietworldkitchen.com is a wonderful resource on Vietnamese food and cooking. There’s a very detailed recipe for making Pho and...

Hot Pot leftovers

We had a lot of left overs from hot pot. Therefore, we decided to cook some wheat noodles and make a couple bowls of soup noodles. We simmered up some extra ingredients like taro, mushrooms, etc. along with some added vegetables. Once heated, we poured it over our cooked wheat noodles.

Destination Chicago: Tank Noodles

Right off the Argyle station stop on the red-line of the Chicago CTA, we come across what is known as New Chinatown (well, it’s more like Vietnamese-town, really). I love Vietnamese food. We were hungry, and there were so many Vietnamese restaurants on that street. But there… at the corner of Argyle and Broadway, we...

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