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iNG Street Food Menu (Photo)

iNG’s latest menu, beginning July 30, is street food-themed with an international flair. The menu is new iNG executive chef Tim Havidic’s first after honing his craft the last several years with Moto while attending the Culinary Institute of America. iNG Restaurant is located in the West Loop at 951 West Fulton Market.

iNG Restaurant: ‘CookiNG Under Pressure’ Episode 1 Video

Check out the premiere episode of CookiNG Under Pressure, a show about chef Homaro Cantu and mixologist Trevor Rose-Hamblin and their iNG Restaurant. CookiNG Under Pressure is Restaurant Impossible meets Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Follow world famous Chef Homaro Cantu and his partner Trevor Rose-Hamblin as they attempt to create a ten course themed menu...

‘CookiNG Under Pressure’ Starring Homaro Cantu

Chef Homaro Cantu, mixologist Trevor Rose-Hamblin and their iNG restaurant are headed for television with CookiNG Under Pressure, a show self-described as “Restaurant: Impossible meets Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.” A network and premiere date is to be announced. Check out the minute-long trailer below.