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Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole Recipe

Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole Recipe

If you’re a fan of bread pudding, this baked dish will definitely fancy you. This casserole makes a delicious breakfast but can be enjoyed as a sweet and savory dessert too. It combines sweet potato and apples with a pumpkin spice blend, bounded together with eggs and coconut cream. We used typical orange sweet potatoes...

Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Baked Egg Cups

Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Baked Egg Cups

Here’s a nice idea for your nice brunch, breakfast potluck, or social gathering. It’s paleo-friendly, low-carb, and very easy to make. It takes under 30 minutes. All you need in terms of appliances and tools is an oven and either a set of muffin cups or a muffin tray. Ingredients: (6 pieces) 6 strips of...

Recipe: Baked Fish Cakes with Purple Sweet Potatoes

Recipe: Baked Fish Cakes with Purple Sweet Potatoes

Here’s a recipe for baked fish cakes. The fish cakes are made with minced white fish, lightly seasoned with red curry paste and fresh herbs. I used cod fish here, but tilapia, halibut, or any other whitefish would be fine too. I minced the fish using a food processor. Alternatively, you can purchase finely minced...

Baked Omelette With Tuttorosso Crushed Tomatoes

Canned tomatoes come in many forms – crushed, diced, whole, puree, etc. On the labels of Tuttorosso products, you’ll find cooking tips on when to use which. For example, tomato paste is great for thickening recipes while crushed tomatoes are a convenient base for pasta sauce. I recently received a package of Tuttorosso tomato products...

Baked Apple Steel Cut Oats

Oatmeal! Definitely one of my regular picks for breakfast during the week. On a week day, I usually just cook some old fashioned rolled oats (not the instant kind) in microwave and top it off with some fruit. It makes a warm, satisfying breakfast in just a few minutes. However, some times it just doesn’t...

EatPantry Wrap up and Foil baked Salmon

The past few days has been quite hectic. The weather was scorching hot. I have been packing all my belongings into boxes and storage bags, disassembling furniture here and there, and also handling my regular responsibilities. In a couple of days, I’ll be in a new apartment about one mile away from this one. Well,...

Pork croquette

Here is a recipe for pork croquettes that I have been meaning to post for a while. These pork croquettes make tasty appetizers. You can bake them or shallow fry them in a pan. I decided to bake them since that would be a healthier option.

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