Superb Black Tea Tasting – Sat April 23

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Enjoy drinking tea? I was just informed by the Excellent Tea Company that they will be offering tastings of their Superb Black Tea this Saturday, April 23 from 2pm to 7pm at Bar on A (BoA) in the East Village.

More details (provided by Excellent Tea Company):

Africa’s best-kept secret? The high quality of its tea. Camellia sinensis is not indigenous to Africa, and Kenya, Uganda, and several other African countries began growing tea only a few decades ago, but already tea business insiders acknowledge that some of the finest teas available today are produced on the continent.

These high-quality African teas are often blended with teas from the traditional growing regions such as India and Sri Lanka to reduce the bitterness of inferior varieties, and tea drinkers in the United States may have no idea that their favorite black tea probably owes its subtle flavor to Africa.

But this week New Yorkers have the opportunity to preview one of the very finest teas available from Africa in its pure form — a pesticide-free, Fair Trade Certified, unblended, single-estate tea bag from the mountain slopes of Rwanda in East Africa.

The first shipment of Superb Black Tea from Rwanda has just arrived, and the Excellent Tea Company will offer tastings this Saturday, April 23, from 2pm to 7pm at Bar on A (BoA) on the corner of 11th Street and Avenue A in Manhattan.

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