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While on my way to Chelsea Clearview Cinemas to catch a showing of Like Waters, I came across an unfamiliar taco truck on 23rd St between 5th and 6th. A girl approached me and told me about the Feast of the Brave truck. In celebration of Cinco de May, Dos Equis has launched a food truck that will be giving out free tacos. Not just your ordinary tacos, but Mexican tacos with interesting fillings like ostrich, cow tongue, veal brain, cricket, and scorpion.

With no hesitation, I approached the truck to give it a try. From the menu, I’ve actually never had any of the ingredients other than cow tongue. The scorpion sounded most intriguing, but they were already sold out of it. The girl at the window suggested trying the veal brains, so I said “sure!” I showed them my ID (they card) and left my name with the order. Minutes later, they called my name and the taco was ready!

There it was… a mini taco with a dollop of veal brains topped with some onions and cilantro. The veal brains looked real mushy and I was definitely curious to see how it could taste. It was a fun eat. The veal brains were creamy and had a slight kick to it from the seasoning. It tasted pretty good, with its funny texture and simple flavor.

I can’t wait to try the other fillings. The next time I cross paths with the truck, I’ve got my eyes on the scorpion or crickets.

The truck will travel around New York City from April 28th through May 7th, making multiple stops every day. Find Dos Equis on Facebook and follow Feast of the Brave on Twitter for location updates and details.

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