Steamed Salmon With Sauteed Vegetables

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An electric food steamer is not a necessity in the kitchen, but it sure is convenient! Usually I steam foods over the stove using a steamer basket or rack and a large pot of water. However, when I was visiting my brother a while back, I found his electric food steamer buried in the kitchen cabinet. I couldn’t resist but unwrap the steamer, pick up some groceries, and prepare dinner. This steamer comes with stackable cooking trays which allows you to steam different foods all at the same time. There’s also a timer so you can set the steaming time, as well as keep food warm once it’s cooked.

I picked up a bunch of vegetables, corn on a cob, and couple pieces of salmon from the grocery. I lightly drizzled some lemon juice over the salmon cutlets. To take advantage of the stackable trays, I placed the salmon on the bottom tray, followed by the corn in the middle tray, and the vegetables on the top try. For the vegetables, I tossed together some artichoke hearts, cucumber chunks, and sliced red peppers. I set the timer for 15 minutes. The vegetables were done in about 8 minutes and the corn took about 10 minutes. The salmon cutlets were not very thick and were cooked in 15 minutes. While I had the steamer going, I placed some rice in the rice cooker. I also sauteed some red peppers, cucumbers, mixed greens, and spinach, which I placed over the salmon before serving.

The meal came together wonderfully. The salmon turned out great, nice and moist, and the flesh flaked right off. The corn was sweet and crispy. I added some capers to the steamed vegetables to add a little zest. The coolest part was that everything took about 30 minutes, including prep time. The clean up afterwards wasn’t bad either. Happy eating!

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