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I’ve seen commercials for Sonic Drive-In on television before and I’ve seen advertisement for their specialty frozen drinks like the Sonic Blasts. However, I’ve never actually seen an actual Sonic before. I remember googling it once, and discovered that the closest one to New York City was located about 125 miles south, somewhere in Pennsylvania. Definitely, not close enough.

I just came back from a short trip to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I stayed at the DoubleTree hotel in Oak Ridge. Too my surprise, right across the street from me, on 210 S. Illinois Avenue, I saw a display sign. Sonic

I was very excited. I carefully found my way across the street. (I swear those pedestrian street lights don’t turn green. It also seems like no one walks on the sidewalk. Everyone drives everywhere.)

I’ve never been in a Drive-In. I’ve done Drive-Thru, but Drive-In was something new to me. I looked around. So how it works is (in the case where you come in a car), you’d park in one of the parking spots and order as you would in a Drive-Thru. The only difference is that, you stay parked and the waitresses (on roller skates) bring your order to you.

However, I was not in a car. There were some tables and chairs outside the food preparation area inside the glass room. They had two menus displayed. Below it was a big red button that you could press to order your food. After you give your order to the person over the speaker, you take a seat, and the waitress (in roller skates once again), will come out with your order and receive your payment.

I decided to order the Sonic Reese’s Blast. It reminds me of the McFlurry they had at McDonalds. It’s pretty much ice cream with pieces of crushed Reese’s peanut butter cups. Oh, how I love peanut butter!

This 620 calorie frozen favorites from Sonic was not good for my regular diet considering its calorie count was equivalent to a meal for me. On the other hand, it was most definitely very satisfying to devour under the scorching 94 degree heat outdoors.

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