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This past Monday evening my pals and I attended a press preview event at the Milk Street Cafe in its soon-to-be opened NYC location in the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street. This Boston-based restaurant/catering company is launching a 23,000 sq ft Food Hall with food stations serving up a gourmet selection of international cuisine.

The food hall features a barista station, made-to-order breakfasts, made-from-scratch breads, desserts and pastries, pasta bar, Asian specialties, sushi bar, two create-your-own salad bars (one vegetarian, one not), homemade soups, a grill, a rotisserie and a carving station. The diverse menu was formulated based on a survey of the tenants of the Trump Building and was designed to meet varying dietary restrictions.

At this preview event, guests were given a guided tour of the space, a meet and greet with the owner, Marc Epstein and the Milk Street Cafe team, and treated to a selection of hors d’oeuvres from the menu created by Executive Chef Steven Mettle. How exciting! We definitely were!

We began with a tour of the 15,000 sq ft kitchen. All the food will be prepared fresh on-site daily, using top quality ingredients and innovative restaurant equipments – one of which are Produce Soak Sinks, a sophisticated whirlpool system for cleaning fruits and vegetables. They will be the first in NYC to install such a system.

As we walked into the spacious kitchen, we saw the chefs and kitchen staff prepping another dish for the guests. They brought over a tray of their just-assembled dish. Looks so good!

It’s a plate of pan-fried noodles with vegetables along with a spring roll and a cup of dipping sauce. I’ve always been a fan of pan-fried noodles. I’ve always liked how the gravy from the toppings soaks into the crunchy noodles. It goes  so well together, but don’t let it sit too long or the noodles will loose its crispiness. The spring roll was nice and light, and I found the dipping sauce to be super neat. Not sure exactly what was in the dipping sauce, but it had a really nice kick to it.

As we exited the kitchen, we walked over to the station where the sushi chef was assembling various sushi rolls and slicing up sashimi. He was so friendly and even offered to make us sushi on the spot.

A delectable tray of red tuna and salmon sashimi! The fish was so fresh!

Awesome tray of nigirisushi (hand formed), makisushi (roll), and temaki (cone-shaped hand roll). Hand rolls are always fun to eat. I was excited to find the temaki filled with lots of avocado!

There were more small plates to taste. There’s bruschetta topped with tomatoes and shredded cheese.

And also creamy and rich risotto with peas.

Up at the barista station, we found the dessert smoothies!

There were mocha espresso, strawberry-banana, and vanilla bean with white chocolate chip. The strawberry-banana smoothie was made with soy milk (yay!) so that was the one I tried. I was so excited when they mentioned that the menu was designed to be friendly to special diets. That makes the lactose-intolerant me (and others like me) very happy. We don’t have to skip on dessert!

My pals and I had a great time at the preview event – eating, chatting, and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. We sat at their Flat Technology tables, while we enjoyed our food samplings. We were told that, Milk Street Cafe is the first NYC restaurant to use this technology from Australia to say goodbye to wobbly tables. There’s apparently bungee cords under the base that helps with the stabilizing. Very neat!

They also introduced a couple other neat innovations, such as Line Busters, a hand held checkout system to speed-up the payment process for those using credit cards and their website that will allow customers to sort by dietary needs, i.e. if a customer is vegan, it will automatically eliminate all non-vegan items from the menu.

This sneak preview surely gave us a glimpse of what the Milk Street Cafe could bring to the Financial District – fresh and delicious food offerings and friendly services. It’s all about the customer experience at Milk Street, according to owner Marc Epstein. Even though this was a press preview, I’m also excited to see the food hall in action when it officially opens to the public later this month!… when exactly?

Milk Street Cafe opens to the public on June 23rd! In addition, there will be a grand opening event from 10am-11am, with the ringing of the “opening bell” and complimentary coffee and cookies. Hope you get a chance to check it out! Lastly, you can find Milk Street NYC on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too.

And now… I will conclude this post with a picture of the sun setting in FiDi!

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