Snacking on Gogo Garlic Dip

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I was delighted to try Gogo’s Garlic Dip in Dill flavor. I purchased some plain white pita bread to dip into the “Authentic Greek Scordalia,” and was impressed by its fresh, light flavor. I could immediately taste the dill infused in the dip, and, of course, the garlic. Moreover, I was surprised to learn, upon reading the ingredients, that Gogo’s Garlic Dip actually has bread already mixed into it. I thought this might offset my desire to use it ON bread, but it only added to the taste.

I agree with Samios that this “unique snack food” could be used as a dip for bread, vegetables or chips, or even as a spread on sandwiches (although, as a spread, it was creamier before refrigeration. After, it was still delicious, but the consistency appeared more like hummus). The best part is that one serving of Go Go’s Garlic Dip has only 60 calories and 3.5 grams of fat! You can find Go Go’s Garlic Dip at Whole Foods Markets (in Manhattan), Union Market (in Brooklyn) and these local Farmer’s Markets.

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