Six Summer Spices to Put In Your Pantry

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Six Summer Spices to Put In Your Pantry

There’s six spice blends that will come in handy this summer while you’re cooking on the grill, great for seasoning burgers, meats, or vegetables.

1. Black Lava: Hawaiian Sea Salt

With a name like Black Lava, you know that this product packs a punch. It’s made of sea salt and activated charcoal to give your meats a smokey, tasty flavor that will immediately elevate the entire cut.

2. Chinese Five Spice: Stir Fry Blend

Liven up your stir fry with some organic and oriental flavors. This particular blend offers cinnamon, cloves, fennel, anise and Szechuan pepper as the titular “five spices,” and they work beautifully together.

3. Citrus Pepper: Herb & Citrus Seasoning

You’ve heard of lemon pepper seasoning, but it’s time to introduce its bolder, crazier cousin: citrus pepper seasoning. It combines lemon, lime and orange peel for a tang that will really set your dishes apart. Use it on everything from lean meats to leafy greens!

4. Campfire: Smokey Sea Salt

This salt-and-pepper combo might just replace the usual shakers on your dinner table. Who needs individual salt and pepper servings when they’re both combined in one glorious spice? For bonus points, it also offers a smokey campfire aftertaste like you’ve really been outdoors.

5. Bold Bayou: Cajun Seasoning

Perfect for everything from chili to barbecued meat, this Cajun seasoning is like a kick in the taste buds. It’s authentic but still unique thanks to its particular combination of flavors, and as the name promises, it’s definitely bold.

6. Coconut Curry

Inspired by Thai cuisine, this coconut curry seasoning will be one of the most unique things that you have in your cupboard. However, it will also be one of the most requested. It might take a minute to get used to the taste, but once you’re a convert, you’ll never look back.

There’s so many fresh spices for sale but these are my picks for six spice blends that are great to have on hand, whether your firing up the grill or just cooking in your kitchen.

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