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It’s okay if you’re at an age where you have responsibilities or a job, dinner placemats are for grownups too!

Japanese designer Shinzi Katoh is one the leaders in Zakka, or “various goods,” a group of products in Japan with a positive outlook.

It could be a wooden clothespin by an obscure company in New Hampshire, it could be an empty tomato-paste can saved for planting basil. Zakka is the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane; it’s also the act of paying hard cash for such things as can openers in “skeleton pink” (think iMac translucence), just so one’s friends will know they’re dealing with someone who pays extra for a minor sensory pleasure. – Kaori Shoji for New York Times

Considering his artwork, it should come to little surprise that he is also an illustrator of children books.

Placemats measure approximately 11″ by 17.”


“The bee came into the beautiful garden. There are many plants. We can eat some of them. Others we can pick and take home in order to decorate.”



“A green leaf and a Little Red Ladybird”

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