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Seattle’s Best Coffee opened their first Brooklyn location this past Thursday, June 21st. The cafe is located at 253 Livingston Street in the Downtown Brooklyn area. In addition to coffee drinks, the cafe also offers breakfast sandwiches along with snacks and pastries that can be enjoyed on-the-go.

I was invited to go check out the space the day before opening and sample a few items from the menu. The space was brightly lit. The food counter is located towards the back of the store. There’s ample seating and also free wifi available.

Their menu is quite simple to navigate. For coffee, they will offer a choice of Original or Dark with optional flavored creamers, at no extra cost. They will also have signature coffee drinks and blended beverages, like Caramel Candy, Birthday Cake lattes, Caramel Pretzel, S’mores mochas, and Mint Chocolate. For their breakfast sandwiches, you can have a biscuit, muffin, or a pretzel bread stuffed with choice of turkey or ham and cheese. Their selection of pastries include Sour Cream Coffee Cake, individual Caramel Apple, Pies and Cheese Pretzel Danish, as well as various warmed cookies and muffins.

Caramel pretzel latte (prepared with soy milk)
I liked the combination of sweet and salty in this caffeinated beverage, topped with crumbled pretzel pieces.

Apple pie, Berry pie, and a Chocolate chip cookie

Cinnamon roll and Sour cream coffee cake

Birthday cake latte and Coconut cream blended beverage (prepared with soy milk, sans whipped cream)
The birthday cake latte is probably best described as.. yes, a birthday cake with sprinkles and chocolate pieces. The coconut cream contains no coffee but is sweet like coconut cream pie topped with toasted coconut.

To celebrate their new location, they will be handing out FREE COFFEE on Wed, June 27th from 5:30am to 11pm, so stop by if you’re in the area.

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