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My past encounters with hummus have been a rollercoaster ride. From what I remember, the first time I tried hummus was during my freshman year of college, at the dining hall. The experience left me confused. The texture was odd and it tasted kind of bland. I did not dislike it, but at the same time, I was not very excited about it either. As the years passed by, I would occasionally encounter hummus, when it was served as an appetizer at various occasions. Sometimes the hummus would appeal to me and I would actively dip either celery sticks or crackers in it. Other times, I would just eat the snacks by themselves.

What is hummus?
Hummus is made from a blend of chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), and a mix of herbs and spices. Hummus is high in fiber and protein, and a great source of iron.

This past summer, I grew to enjoy hummus a lot. I started trying out different brands and flavors of hummus. Out of the few I have tried, I found Sabra Hummus to be most delightful. (Fun fact: The Sabra Dipping Company is based in Astoria, Queens, New York City.)

From their variety of flavors, I have only tried their classic hummus and their roasted garlic hummus. My observation is that their hummus is very rich and smooth, compared to others. The flavor is not too strong and the texture is very pleasing. Sabra would be the way to go if you like your hummus creamy. It goes great on top of some whole grain crackers and is also delicious as a spread in a sandwich wrap.

This week, I plan on mixing up some hummus of my own. Stay tuned!

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