Revolution Brewing, Whole Foods ‘Penguin Hops’ event this Friday

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Revolution Brewing Penguin Hops

On December 7, the Whole Foods on 1550 North Kingsbury Street in Lincoln Park will be holding an event with Revolution Brewing to showcase the Logan Square brewery’s Penguin Hops beer. What’s so special about Penguin Hops? The beer uses unknown hop varietals grown locally at the Shedd Aquarium.

“The hops were steeped in the kettle at the end of the boil to impart a subtleness of their flavor and aroma to the brew,” Revolution Brewing explains. “This Pale Ale style is both lighter in color and malt presence than our Iron Fist, which makes it enticing to both the craft brew enthusiast as well as the newly intrigued beer drinker.”

Shedd Aquarium presented the idea to Revolution and came up with the Penguin Hops name. The aquarium will receive a $1 donation for each beer sold.

The December 7 event is from 6 to 8 p.m. and features entertainment provided by DJ Johnny Fonseca.

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