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Use your own favorite gourmet coffee in your Keurig coffee machine with Solofill’s Refillable K-Cup. There’s no filter to replace and all you have to do is pour your own ground coffee and close the lid.

Ask any Keurig owner, buying K-cups can get expensive, so this is a nice option to save money by buying your own ground coffee. Also, not all stores carry K-cups, but you’ll find ground coffee in most locations.

“Built-in permanent stainless steel micro mesh filter, no filter to replace. Save money while reducing our environmental impact. Innovative Octaflo-Plus spray head system evenly distributes hot water throughout the cup; ensuring all ground coffees are steeped to perfection. Unique one piece unibody design with integrated hinged lid and stainless steel micro mesh filter for easy clean-up.” – Solofill

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