Recipe Testing: Spicy Kale Coconut Relish

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I’ve been doing some recipe testing for Terry Hope Romano’s upcoming vegan cookbook, Vegan Eats World, which will feature a collection of international recipes. Previously I posted about her recipe for fresh noodle soup in sesame miso broth and it was delicious. Here is a peek into another one of her recipes. This one is called Spicy Kale Coconut Relish, Sri-Lankan inspired dish.

This dish took about 15 minutes to put together, but for best results I’d recommend letting it rest for a while before serving. The flavors really develop if you let it sit for at least an hour or so. Enjoy it at room temperature. This side dish was so simple to make and required the minimal amount of work.

Kale is such a delicious and healthy vegetable. I picked up the grated coconut from a local Asian market, in the freezer section. The recipe is quite versatile. The original recipe called for chopped tomatoes, but I didn’t use any. Instead, I mixed in some fresh alfalfa sprouts right before serving.

It’s definitely something you can prepare ahead of time. It’s great on top of any curry, makes a great side salad, a nice side for rice. It’s also good with flat bread or roti.

I added the alfalfa sprouts to the kale coconut relish and stuffed the mixture inside pita pockets. Light and delicious!

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