Recipe Testing: Sesame Wow Greens

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Here’s another vegan recipe I tested for Terry Hope Romano’s upcoming international cookbook. So far, I’ve tried her fresh noodle soup in sesame miso broth, ginger marinated cucumbers, pumpkin potato panko cutlets, as well as her spicy kale coconut relish. This time I tested another one of her Japanese-inspired dishes – oshitashi, a Japanese spinach salad with roasted sesame seeds.

This dish was light and refreshing, with a nice hint of sweet and nuttiness. Makes a great appetizer. It was very easy to make and took only about 15 minutes or so to put together. It’s basically cooked spinach, seasoned lightly, mixed with roasted sesame seeds. I used a mix of roasted black and white sesame seeds. Terry also suggests preparing it with other leafy greens like collard greens or Swiss chard.

I’m definitely excited about her cookbook. She’s working on a variety of recipes – Asian, Mediterranean, European, Caribbean, African and more. There’s appetizers, snacks, rice dishes, noodles, soups, salads, and even dessert! And all vegan too! The recipe testing stage is set to go on for another month or two, so I’ll surely keep you posted on any other recipes I might try out.

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