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I often have mixed feelings about convenience foods and prepackaged meals. It often starts with inspecting the packaging for any hidden ingredients or preservatives to wondering if the flavors would be too bland or too overwhelming. In addition, there’s also the question of whether it’s worth paying the price for the convenience.

At the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, I came across SooFoo and Tasty Bite and sampled some of their products. Although packaged goods, their products are free of preservatives and additives, simple enough for quick meals, and would also make a nice complement to the family dinners.

SooFoo was offering samples of their Original SooFoo, an original blend of 5 types of grains, 3 types of lentils and brown rice. All ingredients are certified organic, kosher, vegan and grown by US farmers and packaged in California. There’s no additives, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and naturally sodium free and cholesterol free too. The product itself is very versatile and they offer a lot of recipes and ideas on how to incorporate SooFoo with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In addition, they also have flavored versions – Garlic & Herb, Hint of Curry, and Moroccan Medley. I sampled their Original SooFoo. It’s a really nice tasty blend and it would definitely make a nice side for any meal. It’s simple and easy to prepare. They recommend just using a rice cooker.

Tasty Bite handed out small portions of their Toasted Sesame Asian Noodles, which are wheat noodles sauteed in toasted sesame and soy sauce. Taste Bite offers prepared all-natural Indian and pan-Asian dishes. Their products include entrees, rices, noodles, and sides. They are precooked, contains no preservatives, and requires no refrigeration. They can be microwaved or simply reheated over the stove. The foods are slow-cooked in large-scale kettles and filled in unique, multi-layered BPA-free pouches. The pouches are sealed and sterilized in a retort oven to maintain freshness for over 18 months. The process ensures a high retention of the food’s original aroma, texture, nutrients, and flavors, with no need for additives or preservatives.


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