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I was browsing through the pictures on my laptop and came across some pictures I took a few months ago while I was in Chicago, IL. I decided to compile a few of them and put it in a blog post. The theme: hot dogs!

Chubby Weiners
Located in Lincoln Square 4652 N Western Ave, Chicago.

America’s Dog
Located inside the food court at Navy Pier and also in a street cart outdoors by the pier.

I realized, the only thing I was missing was… pictures of actual hot dogs!

Before I left Chicago, I did grab a Chicago style hot dog at the airport. A Chicago-style hot dog is composed of a steamed poppy seed hot dog bun, a beef hot dog (often steamed, sometimes boiled) and the following toppings:

  • Yellow mustard
  • White onions, chopped
  • Pickle relish, in a freakish neon green (basically, minced pickles with green sugary syrup)
  • Tomatoes, small wedges
  • Sport peppers
  • Celery salt, a dash
  • and a Dill pickle spear.

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