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Anyone remember the name of that beverage sold at Bodegas for a quarter? They kind of looked like mini colorful grenades.

I have been trying to recall the name of this questionable beverage. I tried googling for the name. I tried search terms like “bodega quarter drink” and “mini grenade drinks”. However, there was no luck of identifying the name. I came across several pictures, but was unable to read anything off of them. These beverages were referred to by many, as ghetto juice, quarter juice, quarter water, etc. They were sold at Bodegas or corner stores for a quarter each, and came in little barrels with an aluminum peel-off top.

To my surprise, I came across a box of ghetto juice a while back. Little Hug! That’s what they are called. I remember that I used to drink them as kid. (I don’t know why. ) It contained probably less than 1% of fruit juice. It’s basically water, sugar, and food coloring.

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