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The other day, I received a few samples of Naturade’s VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional Shake, available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Chai. Before consuming protein powders or shakes, there’s a few things I would check first, such as the source of protein, whether there’s any artificial or questionable ingredients, the amount of sugar, etc. If I’m going to consume it as a snack, post-workout, or mini-meal, I would have to make sure its nutritional profile is satisfactory and there’s nothing that will upset my body.


VeganSmart, as the name infers, is plant-based protein and friendly for the vegan diet. Each serving has 20g of non-GMO complete protein. It’s a blend of pea protein isolate, hemp protein, chia protein, potato protein, and chlorella protein. It’s soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Each serving also offers 6g of dietary fiber. There’s an extensive list of vitamins and minerals. The nutritional shake also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes, to promote digestive health and aid in absorption of nutrients. There’s 5 g of sugar per serving. There’s no artificial sweeteners, it’s sweeten with organic cane sugar and stevia extract. Each serving is about 160 calories.


So far, I’ve tried the vanilla flavor. I emptied the packet contents into my blender bottle and added some cold water, as suggested by the directions.


With a few vigorous shakes, the powder mixed pretty well. No large clumps. The shake tasted pretty well, not bland or chalky. The vanilla flavor was apparent but not too sweet and overpowering. I can add this to my list of to-go protein powders and nutritional supplements.

Disclaimer: The products were provided for sampling by Naturade via No other compensation was made. The post was written by LookyTasty and all opinions expressed are solely mine.

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