Plated: Seared Shrimp with Tomato and Lemon Verbena Panzanella

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Earlier this week, I prepared my first Plated dinner – Seared Shrimp with Tomato and Lemon Verbena Panzanella. I placed the recipe card on the counter and I took out the necessary ingredients from the fridge.


According to the recipe card, panzanella is an Italian salad typically made with bread chunks, tomatoes, onion, and basil, and dressed in a vinaigrette of olive oil and vinegar. Although the meal kit came with two baguettes, I decided to make a low-carb version of the dish by substituting the bread chunks with cauliflower florets instead. The recipe was very easy to follow and the meal was simple to prepare. It was very convenient to have all the ingredients already portioned out. All I had to do was some chopping and mixing, pan sear the shrimp, and soon after, the dish was ready to be assembled on to a plate.


The dish was light and refreshing with a nice lemony flavor. It was nothing complex, all simple and familiar ingredients, and definitely could be the kind of dish that many would enjoy.


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