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Here are some pictures from my recent home pizza making adventure. The best part about making my own pizza at home is that we can put any ingredients we like and as much of it as we like.

Pizza 1: This one is like a Supreme Pizza. It’s toppings include… pretty much as many of the toppings you can find! This one has sliced mushrooms, onions, green pepper, and sausage.

Pizza 2: This pizza is my favorite. Its main toppings are pineapples and ham. This is also known as the Hawaiian. (Interesting fact: The Hawaiian pizza actually did not originate from Hawaii. It’s only called Hawaiian because of the characteristics of the toppings.) Occasionally, I would find this available at a local pizzeria. However, they are usually pretty stingy with the toppings. My slice would usually contain no more than 2 chunks of pineapple and 3 tiny pieces of ham. This is what a pineapple and ham pizza should look like!

Can’t forget about the Parmesan cheese!

Enter the oven and about 15-20 minutes later…

Sausage, Mushroom and Pepper Pizza

Pineapple and Ham Pizza

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