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I rarely eat pizza. Perhaps it’s because of the lactose intolerance that makes it tough to find one that’s friendly to my diet, but I think I’ve found the spot. PIE by the Pound located on 4th Avenue between 12th and 13th St has vegetarian and vegan choices for their thin crust pizza pies, in addition to their cheeses and meats. They also have a gluten-free dough option too. Note that the gluten-free dough does contain eggs, so it’s not vegan.


I tried their Mushroom and Eggplant pizza which is found under their vegan pie selection. It’s a tomato sauce based pie with Portobellow mushroom, eggplant, garlic, oregano, and argula. Their vegan pies are all tomato sauce based, but there’s an option to add vegan Daiya cheese too. It was so flavorful, and the thin crust was nice and crispy. The small pie was $11.95 and serves 1-2. Glad I found a place for delicious pizza.

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