Paris broke my heart, but I found myself in Saigon

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Banh Mi Saigon Bakery is now located at 198 Grand Street, near Mott Street.

I was in Chinatown, New York City the other day and in the mood for some Vietnamese Subs! Therefore, I went to the usual Paris Sandwiches on Mott Street in hopes of treating myself to the Regular Pork Sub or their delicious Vegetarian Sub. I walked inside and as I gazed at their colorful menu high up against the wall, I spark of disappointment came across. They had added like 50 cents to every item on their Sub menu. Their subs were now over $4.00 each. No more bargain “Chinatown” food!

So instead of giving in to their slight price hike, I decided to go seek alternatives for Vietnamese Subs in Chinatown.

About a block up from Paris Sandwiches, I came across a hidden sandwich shop. Its appearance can be quite deceiving. This sandwich shop is hidden in the back of a jewelry store.
There, I found Banh Mi Saigon Bakery.

This bakery was very busy. Many customers called ahead and came in to pick up their sandwiches. Others waited for their orders to be prepared on site. There’s really no place to sit and dine. There are some benches on the side against the wall. The prices for their sandwiches ranged from $3.75 to $4.50 depending on the fillings.

I ordered the Buddha’s Sub, which cost $4.50. It was a little pricey, but the sandwich was kind of HUGE. The bread was large and stuffed full. The Buddha’s Sub was filled with tofu, mushrooms, and baby corn (like the Buddha’s Delight dish). It’s enormous!

Such a great deal! The subs are so humongous, it’s so worth it! Banh Mi Saigon is a great place for these super delicious Vietnamese Subs! (For people who like it spicy, don’t forget slices of those hot peppers!) These subs are great to bring home to eat!

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