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Oxtail stew is amazing. I think it is probably my favorite dish to order at Caribbean restaurants. Luckily for me, about a mile away from where I was staying in Pittsburgh was the Royal Caribbean Restaurant (128 Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15229). It is a small colorful restaurant with a very friendly staff and a fun menu of delectable dishes. For appetizers, the seafood fritters and plantains are lots of fun. Their brown chicken stew, jerked chicken, and oxtails are all mouth-watering dishes and go great with sides of veggies and rice and beans. The portions are generous, so I’ve never made it to dessert or anything else.

Well, after my most recent visit to a Royal Caribbean, I decided to search the Internet for an easy oxtail recipe. The plan was to retrieve a recipe and with help from a miraculous crock-pot, I will slow cook some scrumptious oxtails.

Here’s a preview. It came out amazing after letting it slow cook for 8 hours or so. Recipe to come…

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