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I’ve always been an avid tea drinker – from traditional teas to elaborate tea blends, caffeinated to herbals. I enjoy them all, depending on the time of day, the mood, and what I might be eating. So when I came across Miss Tea at The Holiday Shops, I was definitely interested to check out their selection.

The ladies at Miss Tea are super friendly. They offered me a sample of their tea and told me a little bit about what their teas are all about. Miss Tea offers a selection of pure organic, fair-trade, loose leaf teas that are collected from all around the world. Their teas are healthy and delicious. They have all sorts of teas, including black teas, green teas, white teas, as well as a nice selection of herbal teas.

They pretty much have something for everyone and every need. They’ll also be happy to suggest and recommend teas depending on whether you’re looking for an energy boost to help you get through the work day, or you’re looking for a relaxing after dinner kind of tea.

A few of their popular specialty herbal infusions include: Serenitea, which features passionflower and lavender, and is described as “a gentle and calming organic infusion, great before bedtime or after a long busy day. Wonderful for quiet moments and for relaxing the mind.” There’s also Prosperitea, with gingko and calendula, “a spirited uplifting infusion, that is calming the mind and may aid in promoting overall long-lasting health.” There’s Vitalitea, with lemon and green rooibis, which is a refreshing all year round kind of tea.

Once you’ve selected your tea of choice, you can pick them up in a small glass jar, a large glass jar, or a resealable bag. They also sells tea brewing supplies and accessories.

I came home with a small jar of Prosperitea, that has ginkgo which is good for the mind, and a small jar of White Goji Blossoms Tea, a light and aromatic tea with raw goji berries and flower blossoms. That ceramic honey pot was very tempting though.

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