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It’s been a little more than four weeks since I started Operation EatPantry. Time for a progress update. I took a picture of the pantry last night. Compared to early last month, the shelf does not seem any less full. If anything, it looks like it has been rearranged as if it is trying to hide the possibility that there might be more food in the pantry. I chuckled.

A few highlights of the past weeks…
I spent a less than $15 on groceries – purchased fruits. I did claim a free carton of Almond milk using a sweet catalina coupon at the supermarket. There was that one week of eating out while I was away in Orlando, FL to attend a conference. I received a few additions to the pantry, compliments of mom. When I got back to my apartment, I did manage to cook up a couple of dishes such as bread pudding, falafel, and steamed meatloaf. I also took advantage of some free food opportunities. Last week, I attended a focus group on housing developments in the neighborhood. They provided a continental breakfast and a tasty variety of sandwiches and salads for lunch. It was great!

For the upcoming weeks…
Next week, I’ll be in Boston, MA for the week, which means another pause on Operation EatPantry. When I return from Boston, I will have about 2 weeks before moving out of my apartment and into the new place. From looking at the foods I have in the kitchen, I came up with a couple of ideas for future dishes – risotto cooked in tea, baked salmon with cardamon pepper and spices, tofu omelette – just to name a few. Meanwhile, I will be posting more recipes throughout this week and next.

Stay tuned!

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