Operation: Eat Pantry back from hiatus Part 2

Home New York City Operation: Eat Pantry back from hiatus Part 2

Before I returned to my apartment, I spent the weekend at my mom’s place. All I have to say is home cooking is awesome!

Marinated lamb slices

Stir fry Chayote with Cashews

Shrimp cocktail is also awesome. $9.99 from Costco – great deal! The shrimp cocktail platter comes with a good amount of nice sized shrimp, a couple of lemon wedges, and container of cocktail sauce.

It was nice being home for the weekend. Now I’m back and it’s time to resume Operation: Eat Pantry.

Update on My Pantry:
There are several new additions to the pantry courtesy of mom. Thanks! She was clearing her kitchen and gave me items that she will not be cooking/eating or had a surplus of. The original plan was to clear out my pantry, but I’m not complaining.

New additions to the pantry: box of old-fashion oats, box of cereal, three boxes of whole wheat pasta, some cashews, some almonds, and a pie crust.

New additions to the fridge: some yogurt, some mango juice, a large tub of cottage cheese, bunch of strawberries, and bag of grapes.

There was a street fair on University Place this past weekend and I couldn’t resist! I picked up some goodies from the tea and spice vendor. The teas and spices always look so amazing and are so fragrant. I always like to pick up one or two items from them.

Cardamon and Pepper Spice Blend and Mexican Winter Tea

I’m excited to try out the cardamon and pepper spice blend. I plan on crushing it and using it with the salmon fillets I have in the freezer. The Mexican Winter tea is very tasty and smells great. It’s a red tea blended with orange peels, cinnamon, coconut, and red pepper, I think.

I’m pretty lenient with the whole thing. I would feel accomplished as long as I don’t waste food and save some money by cutting back on excessive grocery shopping.

Stay tuned for more recipes.

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